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Chris Rodriguez

Do you have a favorite mural in Toledo? If so, there’s a good chance Chilly Rodriguez painted it. Our new film, “The Rose From The Concrete” is out now! The film explores his past, his passion, and ultimately, his life.

Ken Rusk

Ken Rusk is an entrepreneur and author from Toledo, OH. His new book, “Blue Collar Cash”, focuses on the importance of careers in trade. In this episode, we discuss the book, his origin story, and how society’s view on the importance of college has profoundly changed the demand for blue collar work.


Michael Seay

Michael Seay is the Director of both design2influence and Sensorymax, two divisions of MadAve Group. In this episode we discuss his origin story, the importance of listening, and the future of advertising.


Joshua Ball

Joshua Ball is the co-owner/operator of Vanity Studios in Perrysburg. Along with his longtime parter Kristina, they offer professional make-up and portrait photography. In this episode, we discuss his origin story, punk rock, shooting on film, future NASA missions, and much more.

Sam Colbert

Sam is the founder of Blue Layne Boutique, an online clothing store for woman. She started the business in a spare bedroom, moved to the dining room, and now operates in a big warehouse. Blue Layne has over 145,000 likes on Facebook, and it continues to grow daily. In this episode, we discuss her origin story, how covid has affected her operation, and her long journey to find her real father.

Guy In The 419

Pat McCarty uses his platform to promote local businesses, artists, and events happening in the greater Toledo area. What started as a hobby has now blossomed into a full fledged business, and his following continues to grow daily. With over 19,000 followers, this guy gets around.

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